Sunday, March 25, 2012

Folding Bike Shortlist - Tern Link C7 Review

Now that you've decided to buy a folding bike, the shortlist below might help you choose which one to take home. Previously, we considered the $400 range as it's where both value and quality meet. We also showed that for maximum value, the bike should have 1) at least three gears to make it versatile in city driving and in navigating city park hills and 2) light enough to carry in bus, trains and walk-up apartment.

These made our shortlist in no particular order, which we'll review in a series of post:
  • Tern Link C7 - $450
  • Dahon Eco C7 - $499
  • Melon Slice - $407
  • Citizen Gotham 2 - $399

Now, the TERN Link C7 -

tern link c7
Tern Link C7
(from Tern Bicycles)

tern link c7
Tern Link C7 - Folded
(from Tern Bicycles)

TERN Link C7 (USD450) - the competing brand of the mother and son of the Dahon family. At $450 the price is within our entry range boasting premium build and parts. I got hold of the black and gray model from one of the authorized dealers in Manhattan. We fold and unfold the bike and surely it's within 20 seconds easy. What I immediately noticed is the fit of the parts, very sturdy and stiff without any annoying rattles. The frame is the latest 6061 alloy which is perceived to be lighter compared to the older 7005 alloy frames. The seat stays intersect prior to the seat tube which they called "Double Truss Technology", claiming stiffer frame compared to those welded directly on the seat tube. It boasts of Shimano Tourney sets (FT-30 derailleur) with 7-speed Revoshifter (Req.#1 - Check). Crankset is in-house 6061 forged alloy while wheelset is alloy rims and Schwalbe tires.  It weighs 27.3 lbs which is not bad (Req.#2 - Check). The feel of the bike really means business and I like the adjustable head post which makes it very flexible to configure from cruiser stance to racer. I believe Tern did not only put more value on this bike but perhaps even selling at cost simply to introduce the brand. Some argues that if you made the switch, there could be no "Terning" back. Lol.

Next, the DAHON Eco C7.

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